Who inspires you?


Me (left) and Renee (right) after a run.

We all need inspiration. It can come in the form of a book, a movie, nature, or even an ordinary moment. Or, if you’re really lucky, it can come from a special person you meet. No matter where you get it, inspiration is important, and so I’ve decided that a least twice a month I’m going to write an entry about someone who inspires me.

Let me introduce my friend Renee, and tell you a little bit about why she inspires me. I first met Renee about a year ago when my son and I were walking around our neighborhood. It just so happened that she and her son were also walking around the neighborhood at the same time. Her son was flying around on his bike, and my son began to chase after him. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a great friendship, both for my son and for myself.

As I mentioned in the previous post, my son has Asperger’s syndrome, and the fact that he took notice of Renee’s son was a good enough excuse to ask for her phone number. Then she told me she was training for a half-marathon, and I really got excited. I was not running at the time, and missing it, and was hopeful that I could at least run vicariously through someone else. ¬†And then….she told me she was also pregnant! I was blown away that a pregnant woman would want to run at all–I remember having no energy in my first trimester.

Well, our friendships blossomed, and so did my beautiful friend Renee. Unfortunately, her doctor told her she had to stop running, and I know she was disappointed to miss the half she had been training so hard for.

She had a beautiful, healthy little baby boy this past October. Only one month later, she started running again. Again, I was impressed. I know she must’ve been so tired some days. But she got out there and did it anyway.

She’s training for the half again, and I really don’t have any doubt in my mind she will do it. She’s got the grit and the determination. She’s got the desire. That’s 90% of the battle right there.

Renee inspires me. She’s inspiring me to get my pansy butt outside even when it’s cold (for me, cold is anything below 50 degrees). She’s an amazing person, and that’s not lip service.

Who inspires you?